Tax Compliance

“The team at FSM have always treated me as though I’m their only client.”


U.S. tax code deconstructed

The U.S. tax code is a complex system that is positioned to have a devastating affect on wealth preservation if not carefully handled. Our tax compliance team designs completely customized, sophisticated tax strategies including, but extending far beyond, the preparation and execution of your local, state and federal tax returns.

Unparalleled sophistication

We’re confident enough to say that no one else approaches tax compliance like FSM Capital Management. We’re directly focused on minimizing your tax exposure while staying perfectly within the bounds of your tax obligations. We review your personal, charitable and business needs and handwrite a roadmap to avoiding the complex tax traps you’ve heard of or have experienced in the past.

Better by design

Through a variety of measured tactics, gift and charitable contribution programs and planned timing of income and deductions, we reduce your tax burden and help you to reassign your wealth in the way you prefer it be preserved.

We pay close attention to tax implications and marry our approach with your estate, counsel and legal advisors, resulting in well-integrated investment decisions that clearly add up in your favor.

Your internal tax proficiency

In addition to minimizing exposure and maximizing wealth preservation, our team offers decades per-person experience with federal, state and local tax requirements, including expatriate and international tax filings, specific to¬†individual, corporate, private investment funds and partnerships, fiduciary and foundation tax compliance. Your tax support is safest in environment with low risk, low exposure and reduced complexity‚ÄĒthat’s the definition of our filings approach.

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