Estate Planning

“The team at FSM have always treated me as though I’m their only client.”


Wealth that lives on

FSM Capital Management can help you take your wealth and ensure that it lives on exclusively in the ways that you approve. Whether you’re passing your wealth on to heirs or charities, we’re here to help mitigate the damage that estate taxes can bring to the wellness of your legacy.

Us, your legal advisors and you

We know that estate planning can be a complex, sometimes overdrawn process but our team is experienced in working with individuals and their counsel to cooperatively create the exact estate plan you require. We help to design simulated scenarios in which you can picture the disposition of your wealth in accordance with your assets and existing wills, trusts and other legal instruments.

Your wishes come first

Our estate planning services are, by design, constructed with your exact legacy in mind. We design the plan that your legacy deserves, ensuring that your wealth is transferred on to future generations without excessive or avoidable taxation. We provide a sophisticated approach to realizing your wishes for your wealth without government intervention or avoidable compromise.

A thoughtful path forward

The comprehensive plans we put forward involve a conservative approach to wealth preservation without unnecessary legal complication or an wanted interruption to your existing wills and trusts. We want to see your wealth pass on to your family, future generations, social and political interests and charities. You have spent a lifetime creating your estate, and we can help preserve it for you and future generations.

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