CFO Services

“The team at FSM have always treated me as though I’m their only client.”


FSM Capital Management is your chief financial officer

Whether your company is in its infancy or approaching diversification, we provide a quick-response, all-ears business resource for your company’s financial management needs—from strategic planning, accounting, and tax to human resource management.

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More than interim

FSM Capital Management approaches CFO services by offering highly educated professionals with complex private and public experience able to maintain the financial function of a company with complete capacity and transparency, going above and beyond a “project basis” or interim role.

Calibrated strategy

Our tenured experience in financial services allows us to help affect change, manage transitions and improve operational efficiency. Some of our specific services include financial forecasting, SEC reporting and compliance, internal controls, as well as policy and procedure development and documentation.

Shaped to your business

Because we maintain our role in your company’s finances with the same fervor we put into our own financial leadership, there’s no one mode of cash management or integrated solutions to apply. We take every client and onboard our CFO services as though you’ve just gained a new hire.
Trust us to budget, monitor, pay bills, procure capital and maintain that your money stays headed in the direction you desire.

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