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We Don't Just Manage Your Investments. We Manage Your Wealth.

With the unprecedented explosion of personal wealth in America in the last few years, the wealth management business has undergone a dramatic expansion. It sometimes seems that every other financial advisor in the country has suddenly reinvented themselves as a wealth-management specialist. But what are they really selling?

At FSM Capital Management, we think financial advisors should be judged on a single consideration: their demonstrated track record. We draw on our combined experience of more than 60 years in this business to offer financially successful clients solid, strategic, fee-based financial management, in real time.

We assure every FSM client our unparalleled commitment to service and financial peace of mind. We have a deep history of success in providing for the unique needs of the affluent. We leverage our thorough understanding of these needs by helping clients integrate the many varied pieces of their financial lives. We do so by streamlining and coordinating processes such as tax, accounting, estate-planning, risk management, bill-paying and investments in a manner consistent with their risk tolerance, lifestyle and larger life goals.

FSM Capital Management caters to financially successful individuals and  families, providing premier fee-based wealth management services. Our  reputation is built on a bedrock of decades of demonstrated expertise with  sophisticated clients and extreme attention to their unique needs.

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