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Tax Compliance

Few, if any, areas of managing wealth are as complex or as rife with potential traps as tax compliance. The U.S. tax code is a complex, ever-evolving set of often unwieldy rules and regulations, and it can have a devastating effect on wealth preservation. We develop strategies to help minimize your tax bite, through a variety of sophisticated tactics. They include income-shifting techniques, gift and charitable contribution programs, and planned timing of income and deductions. We’ll prepare and execute all local, state and federal tax returns (calling on specialized knowledge or country-specific and tax treaty expertise, where needed), including all documents related to gift taxes, trusts and corporate and partnership returns.


Using an integrated approach, FSM investment professionals develop unbiased, comprehensive investment plans customized for each client. Working within the parameters established for each client’s personal risk tolerance and financial goals, FSM seeks to maximize long-term portfolio returns. Sound investment advice is tailored for the individual based on his or her specific investment profile, while taking into consideration personal financial and retirement goals. Continuous monitoring of client portfolios and periodic meetings with clients ensures goals are being achieved.

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