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Good estate planning maximizes the wealth you can pass on to your heirs and favorite charities. FSM designs sophisticated estate plans to mitigate the effects of estate taxes on wealth transfers to future generations. We help you plan for the preservation of that wealth now, running projections for various alternative scenarios under which your estate can be structured for the most efficient disposition of your assets, in close consultation with your legal advisors and with you. We’ll review your assets and existing wills, trusts and other legal instruments, and align them so as to be in the closest possible accordance with your wishes.


Using an integrated approach, FSM investment professionals develop unbiased, comprehensive investment plans customized for each client. Working within the parameters established for each client’s personal risk tolerance and financial goals, FSM seeks to maximize long-term portfolio returns. Sound investment advice is tailored for the individual based on his or her specific investment profile, while taking into consideration personal financial and retirement goals. Continuous monitoring of client portfolios and periodic meetings with clients ensures goals are being achieved.

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